The Academy’s values-based standards are non-negotiable.  They represent our face to the world.   Mindful of plurality and choice, we are respectful of other approaches beyond the hallways of the Academy.

Life at our school

The AlphaMax serves a diverse community of students seeking to expand their horizons and gain excellence in their academic careers. All of our curricula have been crafted to suit each student’s needs so that they can reach their fullest potential.

With a focus on individual attention, our teachers will guide each student step-by-step to excel academically.

The Living Values

Integral to its academic program, which offers quality education in small classes from Kindergarten through Grade 13, is the Academy’s commitment to teaching and inculcating the knowledge and practice of the 12 Universal Values which were adopted by the United Nations International Children’s Fund (UNICEF). These universal values which UNICEF has promulgated for worldwide education regardless of age, class, creed or clime are:

About the School

Committed to Excellence

The AlphaMax Academy is a values-based institution of education with an international curriculum that is delivered in English. The academic program ranges from kindergarten through high school (K – Grade 13), and focuses on the cultivation of critical thinking, and the acquisition of solid, classical foundational knowledge and learning skills. The Academy is run by the Directors of the AlphaMax Foundation, who, with a dedicated, experienced, and qualified team of teachers, provide high-level, qualitative, individual attention and teaching to the student body.

Academy Scholars reflect the school’s high standards of excellence in several ways: First, in their scores (in the top 1 – 5% worldwide) in international examinations; and second, in the fact that high-school graduates have been invited to, accepted at, and perform admirably in leading universities in the Americas, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia and Australia.