Curriculum details
Secondary School

A supportive scholastic environment designed to meet the needs of growing adolescents.

Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself.
Chinese Proverb
Middle School

The Middle School at AlphaMax Academy is made up of students from Grade 6 to 9. Our middle school curriculum is a major component of a learning system which provides a solid academic background while challenging students to take charge of their academic growth. Middle school is a vital step in a student’s academic life because it bridges new learning styles to create a mindset where reasoning logically, experimenting with new ideas, and attaching meaning to what is learned is applied. 

High School

Upon transitioning to high school from Grades 10 to 12, our students are encouraged to think critically and creatively as they expand their intellectual curiosity in preparation for life after high school. Our small class sizes create an optimal environment for students to learn, lead, and succeed.

As the student progresses through the Academy, ‘Interdisciplinarity’ is fundamental in the teaching methodology in the development of critical thinking skills.

Our curriculum

Each grade in the Academy is built on the foundation of four core subjects: English, Math, Science, and Social Studies. The classes promote critical thinking skills by covering more in-depth topics.

The following are general requirements for secondary students: English, Math, Physical Science, Physical Education, Literature, Social Science, Biology, Living Values, Philosophy.

Key learning areas
Examinations and Special Programs

Students in secondary school are prepared to write: Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC), Global Assessment Certificate (GAC), and Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE). AlphaMax Academy Diplomas are directly tied to the successful completion of the Academy’s secondary school program plus one or more of the aforementioned international examinations.

Finishing Secondary School? What's Next?
CSEC Examinations
Global Assessment Certificate